High Density, Free Flow Super Fine Iron Powder (IRON325ZV)

High Density, free flow Super Fine Iron Powder with product code IRON325ZV consists of solid-dense iron particles with narrow range of particles mainly in the range of 35 to 45 microns. This product usually contains about 99% iron, less than 0.13 percent oxygen and small amounts of carbon, sulfur, phosphor and SiO2.

The color of IRON325ZV is usually between light gray to dark gray with no metallic shine; however, parts made of IRON325ZV can be polished to shine.

Microscopic images of IRON325ZV shows dense particles with smooth curvy surfaces and no sharp corners.

Fine Iron Powder, HD, HP, Mesh 325

Following is a typical analysis of IRON325ZV:

  • Apparent density, g/cc: 2.9
  • -45 micron (-325 mesh): 97 %
  • Flow Hall: 23.9 sec/50g
  • Carbon: 0.006 %
  • Oxygen: 0.08 %
  • Sulfur: 0.008 %
  • Iron, metallic: > 98%

Applications of IRON325ZV:

As a filler for rubber, plastic and resins it provides weight, magnetic properties and metal detection properties. It is not tested or approved for food contact applications; however, it is believed to be safe for skin contact and cosmetics. Other uses include magnetic pigment, sintered products, Powder metallurgy, and chemical reactions.
IRON325AT is a perfect candidate for cold casting of delicate high precision small objects.
With the apparent density of about 2.9, IRON325ZV has the second highest density among super fine iron powders. IRON325ZV is also suitable for MIM and P&S applications. Among super fine iron powders, IRON325ZV is probably the best choice for tension control devices such as magnetic clutches and magnetic brakes.


Ordering and Pricing

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