S100N Steel Powder

S100N is a high carbon steel powder with spheroid particles of about 250 microns.

Low-carbon steel consists of less than 0.30% carbon. Medium-carbon steel consists of 0.30% to 0.60% carbon. And high-carbon steel contains more than 0.60% carbon. As the carbon content of steel increases, it becomes stronger and harder.

S100N Chemical Analysis
Carbon0.80 - 1.2 %
Manganese0.35 - 1.2%
Silicon0.4% minimum
Sulfur0.05% maximum
Phosphorous0.05% maximum
IronThe balance
S100N Applications include:

S100N is a hard, rust resistant iron/ steel powder mesh 100. Iron Steel Powder Mesh 100

S100N Applications include:

  • Filler metal in welding carbon steel, construction steel, cast iron and cast steel
  • Iron Filing for electromagnetism experiments and magnetic field demonstrations.
  • Soil Additive (slow release of iron ions)
  • Cold casting/ Resin casting (To increase the density or make the product attractable to magnets and detectable by metal detectors).
  • Concrete¬† (Added for weight enhancement, magnetic properties, creating rust effects)
  • Fireworks (an ingredient of sparklers)
  • Sand blasting
  • Abrasives
  • Chemical reactions (making iron sulfate, Producing hydrogen gas)
  • Textured floor paints

Do Not Use For: Metal Clays, sintered products, Food products.

View under microscope

The 20X magnification image of S100N indicate a narrow cut of about 250 micron particles. No more than 5% of the particles have a length that is in excess of twice the cross section. No more than 15% of the particles have a microscopic crack. No more than 10% of particles contain shrinkage. Particles are as nearly spherical as commercially possible and no more than 20% of the particles have objectionable defects.


Ordering and Pricing

S100N is distributed by Chemical Store for bulk quantities of 50-lbs and above. Please contact 973-405-6248 to discuss your specific requirements based on your applications. Here is a link to the price and availability page.