General Iron Powder (IRON100)


IRON100 Specifications

IRON100 is a high green strength reduced iron powder specifically manufactured for low to medium density P/M applications, resin casting, and rough magnetic paints.

IRON100 is used to manufacture sintered components, soft magnetic components, brazing pastes, magnetic paints, surface coating, magnetic polymers, welding, chemistry and polymer filtrations and many other applications.

IRON100 is one of the most widely used iron powders. It is a very fine iron powder containing particles as small as 325 mesh. This is also the most cost effective product for many applications.

IRON100 Features and Benefits

High Consistency

A stable ore base and statistically controlled manufacturing process assure lot-to-lot consistency.

  • Improves part consistency
  • Increases productivity
  • Reduces processing cost

High Purity

IRON100 is produced from ore, not scrap, assuring a consistently pure product

  • Assures consistency of pre-mix chemistry.
  • Improves compressibility
  • Extends tool life
  • Promotes rapid sintering

High Green Strength

Surface morphology assures powder compacts of good structural integrity.

  • Improves thin section morphology
  • Facilitates green part handling

Low Growth Characteristic

The high purity and large specific surface area of IRON100 allow rapid sintering and high dimensional control.

  • Allows close-to-die design
  • Reduces sintered dimensional variation
  • Improves dimensional Control of infiltrated parts.

Physical and Chemical Properties

Apparent Density 2.52 g/cm3
Flow rate 29.00 sec/50g

Chemical Analysis (wt %)


Typical Screen Analysis

U.S. meshMicronsWt %
100-212 +1502.5
140-150 +1068
200-106 +7522
230-75 +6317
325-63 +4520

+:  stays over / is larger than
-:  Passes through / is smaller than


Additional Information:

IRON100 Specifications in PDF format

IRON100 Compacting properties in PDF format

Ordering and Pricing

Please contact 973-405-6248 to discuss your specific requirements based on your applications.