CIPMS Carbonyl Iron Powder


CIPMS Specifications

CIPMS is a high purity iron powder with microsphere particles. CIPMS iron powder is an exceptionally fine and pure powder with unique characteristics such as:

  • Spherical particles of less than 10 micrometers with defined size distribution
  • Excellent compacting and sintering properties
  • Unique electromagnetic properties
  • Outstanding microwave and radar absorption
  • Very high quality consistency from batch to batch
  • High chemical purity


Electromagnet Cores
It is used in the cores of high frequency coils that regulate the voltage in Smartphone, tablet PC, notebook and other sensitive digital electronic devices.

Powder Injection Molding
Automobile locks, clock parts, surgical instruments – many precision applications require complicatedly shaped steel components. Whereas molded plastics can be fashioned into any desired shape, with metals this is only possible to a limited extent because of their high melting point. One method of nevertheless producing complex metal parts cost effectively and efficiently is powder injection molding: with this technique, metal powders are pressed together with a polymer as adhesive into the desired shape, the adhesive is then removed and the powder is compacted into a solid metal part in the sintering phase. This works particularly well with CIPMS because the spherical iron particles can be packed together very tightly.

Screening of Electromagnetic Radiation
CIPMS is embedded in small plastic mats that protect various electronic components against interference signals caused by electromagnetic radiation:

the alternating magnetic field of the radiation causes the iron particles to continuously rearrange themselves. Due to the resulting friction, the iron particles convert the energy of the electromagnetic waves into heat.

Magnetic Inks
CIPMS is used in production of magnetic ink.

Microwave Absorption and EMI Shielding
CIPMS offers an excellent broadband application over a wide frequency range. the low average particle size of 5 microns covers the microwave skin depth of 1 – 2 microns and makes CIPMS an economic choice. CIPMS can be insulated to offers enhanced electric resistivity and eddy current suppression.

CIPMS Production Method

CIPMS is produced from normal scrap iron, which is finely ground and reacted with carbon monoxide at increased temperatures under high pressure. This process yields iron pentacarbonyl, an oily yellow fluid. At this stage, the impurities present in the scrap iron can be easily removed: as a liquid, iron pentacarbonyl can be distilled and obtained in very high purity. The compound is then heated until it decomposes again into its constituents. The carbon monoxide released during this treatment can be recycled for the synthesis of iron pentacarbonyl. The iron, however, is deposited in the form of high purity, microscopically small spherical particles of exactly defined structure and size – carbonyl iron powder.

CIPMS Benefits

The perfect spherical shape of the CIPMS particles allows them to be packed together and form electromagnet cores that produce stronger magnetic field. (To prevent energy losses of the kind occurring with an electrically conductive iron core, for example, each of the tiny iron particles in CIP cores is surrounded by an electrically insulating layer such as iron phosphate. This suppresses additional current flows which would otherwise be created by the induction in the core.)

Due to the spherical shape of particles it is not abrasive.

Ordering and Pricing

Please contact 973-405-6248 to discuss your specific requirements based on your applications.