Iron Powder for Printing

Carrier Cores

Carrier cores are used to transport toners as part of the electrophotographic process employed in full colour printers, black-and-white printers and copying machines. The carrier core grade products are developed to gain better performance and cost-effectiveness from the developer, without endangering the environment.

Application Examples

Carriers, polymer-coated carrier cores, are used to transport toners as a part of the electrophotographic process. The carriers charge the toners and transport them to the photoreceptor on which a latent electrostatic image has previously been formed. The toners detach from the carriers due to a combination of impact and electrostatic forces. Once the toners have transferred to the photoreceptor, the carriers return to the developer container for more toner particles.



Features and Benefits

The carrier cores consist either of magnetite or pure iron. Certain grades of iron powders may be developed to deliver important carrier core characteristics such as soft magnetic properties, particle size distributions, low density, good flow, powder morphology and electrical qualities.