Soft Magnetic Products

Iron Powders for Soft Magnetic Products

Soft Magnetic Composites (SMC) is the internationally recognized name for pressed and heat-treated metal powder components with three-dimensional (3D) magnetic properties. SMC materials are composed of surface-insulated iron powder particles, that are compacted to form uniform isotropic components with complex shapes in a single step. The use of these materials now makes innovative electrical machine designs industrially viable.

SMALLOY is our single brand in the SMC segment. SMALLOY is a complete system of products that ensures the optimal material for different electromagnetic applications.

SMALLOY makes it possible to design innovative, compact and powerful electric motors. With SMALLOY it is possible for motor designers to build an electric motor to suit its application – instead of restricting the application to the motor’s limitations! The secret is the unique 3D properties of the SMALLOY components. Using SMALLOY it becomes possible to define a magnetic field in three dimensions – and create improved or even entirely new machine concepts!

Features and Benefits

A uniform SMALLOY component has the ability to carry magnetic flux in 3 directions (3D). This feature, together with the 3D-shaping possibilities of the P/M process, enables improved or new topologies to be used in electrical machine designs.

The key to success lies in machine designs that utilize these unique shaping opportunities, which open the way to smaller motors with cost advantages gained from lower winding volume, a higher fill factor and built-in assembly features.

The proven ability of the powder metallurgy industry to supply components with good tolerances and consistent properties is now available to the electrical machine industry. SMC stators can be designed with:

  • 3D flux paths for new topologies
  • Built-in assembly features for mounting
  • Built-in magnetic features such as skew
  • Smooth, rounded features allowing tighter winding and/or thinner insulation
  • Subdivided stators for modular assembly
  • Modular assembly for cost-effective refurbishment

This generation of new ideas is an exciting phase, which can lead to a new era of innovative motors.

Product Examples

The SMALLOY product family is the basis for which SMC components used in motor applications. SMALLOY products are press-ready mixes with unique properties tailored for the specific application and the relevant motor environment.

SMALLOY products with the best available properties are backed by a technical support team, which can act as your partner at every stage from powder to motor design. In-house expertise devoted to materials, processing and motor design contributes a unique insight on the total process for successful commercialization.

Isotropic material with                    Result in             Unique Magnetic Properties

– High purity iron powder                                                 – High magnetic saturation
– Electrically insulated surface                                        – Low eddy current loss
– Sufficient strength