Friction Products

Iron Powder for Friction Products

Friction materials are utilized in the braking systems of automobiles, commercial vehicles, aircraft, motorcycles, trains and off-road vehicles and in other industrial applications. In simple terms, these materials help stop vehicles as a part of the brake pad or drum brake lining.

The exact composition of a brake lining is often a closely guarded secret, and the process of achieving it almost as much an art as a science. Iron powder is a key ingredient in semi-metallic brake linings, enhancing both the performance and the long-term reliability and durability of the product.

Our friction powder range offers a comprehensive selection of iron powders for both OEM and aftermarket applications.

Application Examples

The most significant application for iron powder is automotive OEM and aftermarket brake pads. Other applications include trains, commercial vehicles, clutch facings, aircraft brake pads and other industrial uses.

Features and Benefits

Iron powder is used as a filler in friction materials, while also adding significant thermal transfer properties, a factor that helps to dissipate heat, which improves performance and reduces wear on the brake pad.

Our sponge iron powders provide excellent bonding in the friction material matrix. The high internal porosity of these products helps minimize brake noise, brake rotor wear and brake pad wear to a greater extent than other metallic alternatives.

Product Examples

A wide selection of iron powders is available for this purpose in terms of performance and cost. Our hydrogen-reduced and carbon-reduced sponge iron powders are both widely used in the friction industry.

Commonly used grades are coarse iron powders IRONR-12 and IRON20/80-19.