Iron Powder Distributors

To order standard grade iron powders please use one of the following websites.

Wholesale/ Large quantity suppliers:

ChemicalStore supplies iron powders to different industries and users in North America, South America and Europe.iron-powder-distributors

Wholesale and exporting products are packaged in 100-Lb plastic pails on wooden pallets. We can also provide iron powders is super sacks and large boxes; however, 100-lb pails have proven to be the best choice for handling and transpiration.

Please contact 973-405-6248 to discuss your specific requirements based on your applications.
Retail/ Small quantity suppliers:

Small packages of iron powder for research and educational uses are also available trough the following websites:


We offer free shipping or discounted shipping for orders of 500 Lbs or more to certain industrial zones in United States.

For more information please call 973-405-6248 from 10 to 6 EST.