GRPM5 Graphite

GRPM5 Specifications

GRPM5 is a multipurpose superfine natural graphite powder used in many industrial applications due to its black metallic shine and slippery surfaces it can produce. The graphite powder applications include:

Powder Metallurgy

Graphite powder plays an important role in the field of powder metallurgy. Addition of graphite in the metal powder mix contributes to the hardness of the sintered product and its dimensional stability. It also enhances the compactibility and lubricity of the powder that will result a less pores and a stronger product.

Forge industry
A proper lubricant is necessary for making good forgings. The lubricant is useful in preventing sticking of the work piece to the die, and also acts as a thermal insulator to help reduce die wear. In addition to being a good lubricant, graphite powder also helps eliminating porosity, voids, inclusions and other defects.

Graphite powder is a high efficiency dry lubricant. It is also used in production of lubricant oils, greases and pastes. In latter cases the graphite powder is simply added and blended with existing lubricant fluids.

Mold Release
Graphite powder is used as a mold release agent in spin casting, and other methods of casting metals in silicone rubber molds or in metal molds. For such applications a graphite powder may be applied using a brush.

Wire Drawing
Wire drawing graphite usually is a mixture of 15% up to 20% graphite powder in a lubricant oil or grease.

Dry Film Lubricant
Dry film lubricants provide a long-term friction reduction. Graphite specially is the lubricant of choice when oil based lubricants and grease cannot be used due to high heat. it impart excellent lubrication and wear properties while providing chemical inertness. Graphite is an inexpensive dry film lubricant that can be applied by a brush or by spray. In either case most often the graphite is emulsified in a volatile solvent. The solvent will evaporate quickly and an evenly distributed coating of graphite remains at the surface. (Other dry film lubricants are molybdenum disulfide (MoS2), and PTFE or Teflon.)

Specifications:  View a typical Certificate of Analysis (COA)

Particle size: 5 micron average

Carbon Content: 95.5 carbon min

Surface area: About 9-15m2/g

Apparent Density: 0.37g/cc

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