About Iron Powders of North America

Iron Powder Corporation of North America is where multiple technologies merge to provide some of the most important ingredients and raw materials used in thousands of complex and specialized industries. Our collection of expertise from mining and minerals to metallurgy and chemistry especially material science have made it possible for us to be a solution provider and offer variety of products for specific applications. Our powders are used in production of metal parts, welding, gas filters, batteries, paint, inks, concrete, composite materials, plastics, abrasives, electromagnet cores, sculpture, science, magnetism, quality control, and numerous other industries.

We also offer our engineering services to all other companies worldwide who serve parts of this important industry. From mining iron ore to production of raw steel, from production of specialized iron powders to production of products using iron powders, from electrical and chemical industries to metallurgy and automobile industries.

When it comes to manufacturing or applications of iron powder we are here to help.

Although we focus on production and distribution of iron powder  in North America, some of our products or a portion of them are made in Europe or Far East. We do however perform variety of quality control tests before releasing the products to the market or using them in any of our blends. We ensure consistency and quality of our products and we aim to become the largest supplier of iron powder products worldwide.

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