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Metal Powders for Plastics and Resins


Adding metal powders to resins and plastics can modify or enhance many different physical properties of final products. Metal powders can provide strength, heat resistance, wear resistance, conductivity and ferromagnetic response to resin products and plastic components.


Adding metal powder to plastic and resin products can extend the life of the product by increasing wear resistance and heat conductivity. Both friction and localized heat can damage plastic products and cause deformation which in turn may make a product unusable for further use. Metal powders are good heat conductors and adding them to plastics increases the heat distribution and heat dispersion. Metals also have a higher resistance to friction than many polymers. Adding metal powders to a compound can increase the surface hardness and friction resistance. Selecting the right metal powder for each application is very important. To discuss your particular application, give Mohammad Hamzeh a call at 973-405-6248.

Make Anti-Static Products

If static has built up on your body through walking on a carpet, and you start handling delicate electronic components, the sudden discharge of current from your body can be enough to cause some very expensive damage. That's where anti-static products can help. Ant-static additives are materials that increase conductivity of a product. Metal powders can increase the conductivity of products and are used in many plastic parts that need to be anti-static.

Products such as plastic casings of electronic devices must be conductive and this conductivity is mainly achieved by adding conductive metal powders.

In some cases it is best to use a blend of 3 or more metal powders for best results. 

Adding metal powders as fillers to plastic compounds is the preferred method for preventing static electricity. Some manufacturers however simply paint the plastic parts with a conductive paint that contain metal powders.

If you manufacture plastic casings, or their feedstocks, or storage boxes for chips, semiconductors, printed circuit boards, metal powders make a part of your formulation.

Stop Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)

Incorporating metal powders in formulation of rubbers, plastics and paints may be needed to prevent electromagnetic interference (EMI) and
radio frequency interference (RFI). Among the available metal powders for this solution, iron powders and steel powders may be considered for their low cost and ease of availability. If you need further assistance in selecting the right metal powders for your particular application please call 973-405-6248.

Selecting the right metal powder 

This table shows some of the metal powders that may be added to resins and plastics.

Metal Powder Ex FR HC RE Mag Con
Iron Powder SM1001 Yes Low Medium No Yes Low
Steel Powder S1001 Yes High Medium No Yes Low
Iron Powder IRON195SP Yes Low Medium No Yes Low
Steel Powder S100 No High Medium Yes Yes Low
Copper Powder CU112SP Yes Low High No No High
Copper Powder CU301E Yes Low High No No High
Nickel Powder Flakes Yes Low medium No No High
Aluminum Powder Flakes Yes Low High No No High

Ex: Suitable for Extrusion
FR: Friction Resistance
HC: Heat Conductivity
RE: Suitable for rust effect
Mag: Is magnetic/ attracts to magnets
Con: Electrical Conductivity



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