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Iron Powder
For Powder Brakes and Powder Clutches


Powder brakes and powder clutches are electromagnetic devices that provide precise, quick-response tension control for light tension applications. Powder brakes also known as magnetic particle brakes are quiet alternatives to friction brakes, and are ideal for clean environment situations.

How magnetic particle brakes work?

Powder brakes are comprised of an electromagnet and a disk inside a powder chamber. The disk can spin using a shaft that extends to the outside of the chamber. Without any magnetic field the powder acts like a fluid and the disk can spin freely. A magnetic field produced by the electromagnet will harden the powder causing friction so that the disk can no longer spin freely. The tension is controlled by the strength of the electromagnet.

Iron powders for powder brakes and powder clutches?

Selecting iron powder for magnetic particle brakes and clutches is a delicate task. Some of the important factors affecting the operation of a magnetic particle system are the particle shapes, hardness and magnetic properties. For example very hard particles with sharp edges can grind and damage the internal structure of a powder brake or powder clutch system. Using iron powder with spherical particles prevents such problems.

IRON325 and IRON100 have been successfully used in powder brakes and clutches. To discuss your specific application please call us during business hours.  Always consult the manufacturer documents to determine the mesh size for the magnetic powder you need. Following is a general guide for selecting magnetic powder.

Magnetic Powder for Powder Clutch

IRON325 is the finest powder (Mesh 325) used in magnetic powder clutches. IRON195SP consist of the medium size magnetic particles (Mesh 200) for powder clutches. Both IRON325 and IRON195SP are soft iron (low hardness) and do not cause erosion in hard steel components of magnetic clutches.

Magnetic Powder for Powder Brakes

The same magnetic powders used for magnetic clutches may also be used for magnetic brakes. The finest magnetic powder is IRON325 classified as mesh 325. A similar product is IRON100 that is classified as mesh 100, but about 50% of it is smaller than mesh 325. This is really a blend of particles smaller than mesh 100. The next option is IRON195SP that consist of medium size magnetic particles (Mesh 200) for powder brakes. IRON100, IRON325 and IRON195SP are soft iron (low hardness) and do not cause erosion in hard steel components of magnetic clutches.

Magnetic Powder for Mitsubishi Powder Clutches

I am often asked which magnetic powder is the best for Mitsubishi powder clutches. Unfortunately I don't know all Mitsubishi products, some of them however use mesh 325 magnetic powder. In this case IRON325 may be used. If you don't know the exact particle size for the powder you need, you may send us a sample and we will match it with one of our magnetic powders.




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