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Steel Powder S1001 Specifications

S1001 is a highly compressible, water-atomized steel powder specifically designed for high density, high strength powder metallurgy and powder forging applications. In addition to the powder metallurgy, S1001 is used in production of brazing pastes, metal clays, magnetic paints, and resin casting.

Specific properties of S1001 include:

Steel Powder, S1001
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High compressibility- due to its superior compressibility, S1001 can be single pressed to 7.2 g/cm3 or repressed to densities up to 7.4 g/cm3.

o Extends the performance levels of P/M parts
o Provides enhanced compaction capability
o Provides higher strength, higher density P/M parts

Hardenabilty- the manganese level of S1001 is precisely controlled to provide optimal heat-treated properties without sacrificing compressibility.

o Improved hardness and tensile properties

Dimensional change- S1001 can be used with existing tooling designed for conventional water-atomized powders.

o No need to retool

Consistency- a stable ore base and ultra-modern processing capability, including SPC, assure lot-to-lot consistency.

o Improved P/M part consistency

Purity and cleanliness- state-of-the-art clean steel practices and a proprietary powder manufacturing process produce a powder with exceptionally low levels of residuals and inclusions.

o Improved mechanical and dynamic properties of powder forged parts
o Improved machinability of P/M and P/F parts.

Physical and Chemical Properties

Chemical Analysis

Element Weight %
C 0.004
O 0.09
S 0.01
Mn 0.18
Fe 99.4

Particle Size Analysis

U.S. mesh Micrometer Wt%
+60 +250 Trace
+100 +150 10
+325 +45 67
-325 -45 23
Apparent Density: 2.95 g/cm3
Flow: 26 sec/50g
Density: 7.10 g/cm3 @43.5 tsi (@600 MPa)

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