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IRON325 Iron Powder Specifications


IRON325 is a super fine hydrogen reduced sponge iron powder directly produced from iron ore. IRON325 is generally used in powder metallurgy to manufacture sintered products and brazing pastes. Other applications of IRON325 include:

  • Soft magnetic composite compounds
  • Chemical reactions
  • Pigment and magnetic paints/ inks
  • Fingerprinting powder
  • Metal clays
  • Magnetic powder for EM devices (tension control clutches and brakes)

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Iron Powder, Grade: IRON325

Additional Description

Chemical Analysis:
Iron > 97.7%
Acid insolubility =< 0.9%
H2-Loss = 0.92%
Apparent Density [HALL] = Typical 1.98 G/CM (Specifications < 2.2)

Typical Screen Analysis:

-100 MESH 100%
+200 MESH 0.1%
+325 MESH 2.4%
-325 MESH 97.5%

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